About Us

Lisa Creagh



Lisa Creagh graduated from Goldsmiths in 1994, and she founded the Brighton Photo Fringe in 2003. As a producer and curator she has delivered large-scale photographic projects for international artists.  In 2006 she received critical acclaim for the originality and collaborative nature of ‘Tidy Street’ where she transformed a street in Brighton in to a series of lightboxes utilizing the windows of small terraced houses.  This ACE funded exhibition was reviewed in photographic journals and featured on television/radio. She has also held the position of Marketing Director of Metro Imaging where she specialised in web and social media marketing.

Lucila Newell

Sociologist/Human Geographer/Writer

Lucila Newell holds a PhD in Geography. Her PhD focused on the politics of waste in Buenos Aires. She is currently an Associate Researcher of CORTH  and the Centre for Global Health Policy in the School of Global Studies,  University of Sussex. Her research interest in urban natures, took a shift towards motherhood, and more specifically breastfeeding, when she had her first child while doing her PhD. She has since moved this agenda forward by creating a reading group, training as a breastfeeding peer supporter and volunteering for a year, and participating as a core member in the ESRC Breastfeeding seminar series organised by the University of Cardiff and UWE.


Name Change

Some of you may have noticed our recent name change from The Parlor to Holding Time. We took the decision that it made sense to have one name covering the whole project, rather thanking two. In the beginning Lucilla and Lisa thought they would set up a separate organisation (the Parlour) that could live independently from the Holding Time project. In the end this never really worked as all the funding came via the Holding Time project. So we are consolidating the two into one. We hope you like it!