Royal Brompton Hospital

Royal Brompton Hospital is host to Holding Time from April- June 2018. Part of this exhibition is a specially commissioned breastfeeding portrait of Sabrina Byrne, mother of Isabelle, a hospital patient. You can read about the commission here

Sabrina is featured in the animated film of Holding Time. In this, Sabrina is shown administering the neccessary medicine for her child, before feeding.

"I just enjoyed sitting there getting lost in feeding her, which is why this holding time project appealed to me so much. I’m so happy to of been apart of it, it’s been an extremely hard time and taking part in this has been a pleasure and helped me personally" - Sabrina Byrne, May 2018

You can read Sabrina's Mother Story here.

Part of the exhibition project was to show how the special support given to mothers of critically ill babies in wards like the Rose Ward, support mothers at the most difficult times, preserving their lactation so that they may begin or resume breastfeeding when their child is well enough.

As part of this exhibition there is a workshop on the subject of the role of Art in Health as part of Creativity and WellBeing Week. Find out more here.


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