Do it. It's Wonderful!

Liz, a young mother of two talks about the joy of breastfeeding and the commerarderie amongst women breastfeeding in public, how breastfeeding made motherhood simpler for her and how all of this was so different from her expectations.

From the  Royal Brompton Hospital

Adonia is a mother to a baby with a heart condition, cared for in the Rose Ward of Royal Brompton hospital. She talks about the support she has received from the hospital in maintaining her milk supply whilst her son underwent surgery and the benefits she feels he has had from breastmilk.

Niamh is a Quality Improvement nurse at Royal Brompton hospital. She talks of the sorts of scenarios where mothers need breastfeeding support and how the hospital manages this across two departments.

Elizabeth is a Maternity Nurse at Royal Brompton hospital. She talks about the support the hospital offer to support breastfeeding amongst mothers on Rose ward and the benefits of breastfeeding to mother and babies who have heart conditions.

America is a Different Story

Lyndsey, mother of two, describes her feelings about the differences in breastfeeding in public across the Atlantic in her home country, compared to Europe and other places she has visited.

It can be hard

Louise talks about her experiences as a teenage mother and then subsequently, mother to another three children as well as her experience as a midwife.


Motherhood and Time

Lucila Newell interviewed by Lisa Creagh, talks about her early experiences of breastfeeding, the support she recieved from health professionals and her thoughts on the opposition of breastfeeding and linear time.


In Conversation at ONCA Gallery

Lisa and Lucilla talk about the Holding Time project and the beginnings of The Parlour


All this Goodness

Bethania reflects on low breastfeeding rates in the UK and her native Brazil and ponders whether this is going to change.


Breastfeeding Friends

Polly highlights the importance of seeing a friend breastfeeding before she had her first child.


Feeling Supported

Imogen talks about the support that she had breastfeeding from midwives, her friends, her partner and the wider community in Brighton, England.


A"1000 watt Smile"

Reena talks about the emotional benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child.


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